Preparation of rolled epidermis so that stomata are the only viable cells and K retained in live guard cells


Preparation of rolled epidermis of Vicia faba L. so that stomata are the only viable cells: analysis of guard cell potassium by flame photometry

by Allaway W. G., Hsiao T. C. (1973)

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in Aust. J. biol. Sci. 26: 309-318.

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An infiltration series for studying stomatal opening


An improved infiltration series for studying stomatal opening as illustrated with coffee

by Alvim P. de T., Havis J. R. (1953)

Paulo de T. Alvim, Inter-American Institute of Agric. Sciences, Turrialba, Costa Rica

Havis J. R.

in Plant Physiol. 29: 97-98.

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