About Our Mission


Centuries ago scientists started studying stomata and there is still a universal interest for the different fields of this study.

The main reason for the establishment of an encyclopedia of the scientific publications on plant stomata is that  we all spend a lot of time searching the internet for interesting articles concerning this field of interest.

Everyone is looking for the same information, spending considerable time to find mostly the same articles, all of us reading these texts to see if their content is important enough, and if it is, to use that info for our own purposes.

There is almost no global communication between the stomata-experts. It does not suffice to exchange the links of interesting websites or blogs, because not all the articles on those sites deal with stomata, so that we all have to start again searching and reading the content of publications on the different sites. In other words: we all waste the same amount of time !

Therefore, I try to collect the abstract of publications on stomata and all related subjects , so that the visitors of this blog do not have to switch again to all those websites. My main aim is to reflect the diversity of publications on these topics. Thereby, I will try to ease up the access to a panoply of articles and stories and to a panoply of books, sites and blogs.

I will also create bibliographic lists by category (left column).

I hope to be able to serve you for a long period, counting on your feedback.