A book on stomata (Willmer-Fricker)



by Willmer C., Fricker M. (1996)

Colin Willmer,

Springer Science & Business Media, 1996 – 375 pp.

The second edition of this popular work provides a comprehensive account of all aspects of stomatal biology. The substantially revised text is thoroughly up to date and well illustrated with numerous line illustrations, photographs and comprehensive tables. The theory of gaseous diffusion through stomata is reviewed in a new chapter and sections on signal perception and transduction, guard cell ionic relations and guard cell metabolism have been added.

A concluding chapter reviews the genetics and molecular biology of stomata. This work provides a comprehensive reference text which will appeal to advanced students, post-graduates and lecturers in plant physiology.


  • Introduction – Pages 1-11

  • The distribution of stomata – Pages 12-35

  • The structure and development of stomata – Pages 36-91

  • The mechanics of stomatal movements – Pages 92-109

  • The theory of gas diffusion through stomata – Pages 110-125

    Stomatal responses to environmental factors – Pages 126-191

  • The influence of hormones and other naturally occurring compounds on stomatal behaviour – Pages 192-227

  • Ionic relations of stomatal movement and signal transduction in guard cells – Pages 228-309

  • The metabolism of guard cells – Pages 310-353

  • Recent developments and future research – Pages 354-365