New References

Today I got an opportunity of adding an impressive number of new references to our bibliographic lists of:




As soon as possible I will try to add the abstracts of these publications to our “PLANT STOMATA ENCYCLOPEDIA”.

i am gratefully appreciating all helping hands to complete this enormous survey of all publications on plant stomata.  In particular, I am looking for all abstracts that are not available for me up to now.  Please see my bibliographic lists in the different categories and, wherever possible, be so kind to send me some of those “absent” abstracts.

With my warm thanks,




Sincere thanks to Dr. Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy


We wish to express our warmest thanks to Dr. Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy who has sent a series of submission forms about his publications on stomata.  One can find these references and abstracts below.  They form a very valuable contribution to our Plant Stomata Encyclopedia.- Willem


Dr. El-Sharkawy’s reply:

Dear Dr. Professor Willem,

Have a great day, Thank you very much for your prompt response to the several submissions on stomata in cassava and other plant species  which I posted to your link: Encyclopedia on stomata. I appreciated your note and the nice photos you picked up from the internet that added more attraction to the articles I sent. My encounter with your link was accidental last night while I was searching for some information on gas exchange and particularly on stomatal conductance in crops. How  lucky I was to have found your link,  which is very informative for readers, students, scientists,  botanists, and researchers in plant-environment relation. My warm congratulations for a great job. // Attached a recently published article for your files.

Best regards,


Retired senior scientist, Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT),

Cali, Colombia, S. A.”


Thanks to colleagues sending “Submission Forms”



My sincere thanks go to colleagues sending our “Submission Forms” (left column) with interesting references and abstracts of their work on stomata.

The latest in the row was Eliáš Pavol of the Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra, who sent 2 references. Thanks Eliáš !

I am looking forward for messages filling the gaps: missing abstracts mentioned in our bibliographical lists.  It would be nice if you could help me to complete our encyclopedia on plant stomata.  If you like to see your name mentioned in the list of our collaborators, please let me know.


Looking for your support



We need your help

Trying to collect all available abstracts of publications on stomata, we are screening the internet in all directions.  Unfortunately, we did not succeed to discover up to now a number of abstracts, namely the ones indicated in our bibliographical lists (see left column) as: NO ABSTRACT FOUND – WHO CAN SEND US ONE.

Should you possess one or more of these abstracts, please be so kind to send a copy to us at:


Sincere thanks for your much appreciated collaboration,





Who wants to collaborate in completing our stomata encyclopedia ?



We want to complete our collection of references + abstracts on stomata. You and your colleagues can help us by sending new references and abstracts, not yet figuring in our bibliographical lists (see left column of our blog), or by sending abstracts of the references in those lists mentioning “No abstract found – Who can send us one ?“.

In some of our bibliographical lists this remark “No abstract found – Who can send us one ?” is still missing.

Please use my Sincere thanks.

Missing abstracts


In our bibliographical lists you can find a number of publications of which we did not discover (up to now) an abstract (see the mention “No abstract” at the end of the reference).

Should you have some of these abstracts, would you be so kind to send them to us ?

Please find our mail address below:

Thanks a lot for your kind cooperation,

Willem VAN COTTHEM – University of Ghent (Belgium)