Sincere thanks to Dr. Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy


We wish to express our warmest thanks to Dr. Mabrouk A. El-Sharkawy who has sent a series of submission forms about his publications on stomata.  One can find these references and abstracts below.  They form a very valuable contribution to our Plant Stomata Encyclopedia.- Willem


Dr. El-Sharkawy’s reply:

Dear Dr. Professor Willem,

Have a great day, Thank you very much for your prompt response to the several submissions on stomata in cassava and other plant species  which I posted to your link: Encyclopedia on stomata. I appreciated your note and the nice photos you picked up from the internet that added more attraction to the articles I sent. My encounter with your link was accidental last night while I was searching for some information on gas exchange and particularly on stomatal conductance in crops. How  lucky I was to have found your link,  which is very informative for readers, students, scientists,  botanists, and researchers in plant-environment relation. My warm congratulations for a great job. // Attached a recently published article for your files.

Best regards,


Retired senior scientist, Centro Internacional de Agricultura Tropical (CIAT),

Cali, Colombia, S. A.”