ABA pretreatments and stomatal reopening


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Vicia faba

Effect of abscisic acid pretreatments on stomatal reopening in Vicia faba

by Wardle K. , Dobbs E. B., Short K. C. (1982)

Dept. of Biology, North East London Polytechnic, Romford Road, London E15 4LZ, United Kingdom.

Keith Wardle, Elizabeth B. Dobbs, Keith C. Short

in Physiologia Plantarum 56(3): 312–316 –



After a pretreatment of 2 h exposure to a solution containing 2 × 10−4M ABA, reopening of stomata occurred in epidermal strips of Vicia faba L. cv. Cavalier on an ABA-free incubation solution.

After pretreatment with exogenous ABA stomatal apertures were greater when higher levels of KCl were incorporated into the solution used for reopening. Prolonged exposure to exogenous ABA (14 h) did not prevent stomatal reopening upon transfer to ABA-free solutions.

However, for both ABA and ABA-free pretreatments, prolonged incubation (1 day after removal of epidermis) resulted in enhanced stomatal apertures when the epidermal strips were exposed to light. This effect was lost 2 days after removal of the epidermis and opening did not occur after 3 days.

Epidermal strips containing endogenous ABA were obtained from wilted leaves. Reopening was greatly reduced by the endogenous ABA treatment, and variation of KCl concentration in the incubation solution had little effect on stomatal aperture.

It is postulated that during wilting endogenous ABA becomes reversibly bound without loss of activity for a longer period than is obtained using exogenous ABA. The presence of other unidentified compounds may be involved in this process.


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