Stomata in Primula (Dicots)

Photo credit: Google

Primula merrilliana

Study on micromorphological features of Primula merrilliana and P. cicutariifolia

by Chen M.-L., Zhang X.-P., Li X.-H. (2004)

Exploitation Research of Vital Biological Resources in Anhui, Wuhu 241000, China)

CHEN Ming-lin

ZHANG Xiao-ping

LI Xiao-hong

in J. Plant Res. Environ. 13: 18-24 –

Photo credit: Google – 堇叶报春primula cicutarifolia ( 肾叶报春primula loeseneri_植物图库)


The characters of seeds, pollens, leaves and their ornamentation of Primula merrilliana Schltr. and P. cicutariifolia Pax in Primulaceae were observed by SEM and LM.

The results indicate that the seeds of the two species appear irregularly heptahedral or polyhedral, with reticulate pentagonal ornamentation, but the ornamentation of P. cicutariifolia is coarser than that of P. merrilliana whose lumina have many smaller papillae.

The pollens have all spheroidal outline, pancolpate aperture (≥10 pores), reticulate ornamentation. The walls of both upper and lower epidermal cells of the leaves are irregularly sinuate, inlayed with each other except for those in the midrib, where they appear rectangle or sinuolate rectangle. The leaves of the two species are covered with glandular hairs on two sides and borne with water pore on the top.

212418fc5u5wcxwkyntu5k – 肾叶报春primula loeseneri

The stomatal apparatuses belong to anomocytic type, which occur hypoamphistomatously with their distribution dense in edge of blade and absent in the midribs. Comparatively, the density of stomatal apparatuses in P. merrilliana is lower than that of P. cicutariifolia.

The inner margin of the bulge of outer stomatal rim of the two species is smooth and the bulge of outer ledge of the guard cell is distinct under SEM. But the papillae on the cuticular membrane of P. merrilliana aren’t as distinct as those in P. cicutariifolia.


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