Cell Types and Tissues

Photo credit: Development and Organization of Cell Types and Tissues

Fig. 3.2 Options for G 1 cells in plants (After Krishnamurthy 2015)

Development and Organization of Cell Types and Tissues

by Krishnamurthy K. V. , Bahadur B. , Adams S. J. , Venkatasubramanian P. (2015)

In book: Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Edition: 1, Chapter: 3, Publisher: Springer India, Editors: Bahadur B, Venkat Rajam M, Shijram L, krishnamurthy KV, pp.73-111 – DOI: 10.1007/978-81-322-2286-6  – 


This chapter deals with the development and organization of different cell types and tissues of plants. Development includes process such as cell division (including cell cycle), cell enlargement, differentiation, pattern formation and morphogenesis.
A detailed account on cell cycle and its hormonal and genetic control has been provided. Differentiation of cells happens by modification of cell cycle events at specific control points.
The laws of governing cell division, planes of cell division, and asymmetric cell division are discussed in relation to specific morphogenesis of cell type and tissue types. The relative importance of cell division and cell enlargement in overall morphogenesis, organ size and organ shape is highlighted.
Differentiation, dedifferentiation, redifferentiation, and transdifferentiation are distinguished and their importance in cell type production in plants is emphasized.
The importance of diffusion reaction of theory and positional information theory on morphogenesis of cells, tissues, organs, and organisms is explained. Finally the differentiation of various cell types is described

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