Stomata in Ephedra (Gymnosperms)

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Ephedra foliata, Shrubby Horsetail

Epidermal Structure and Development of Stomata in Ephedra foliata Boiss.

by Pant D. D., Mehra B. (1963)

Department of Botany, The University, Allahabad, India

Divya D. Pant

Bharati Mehra


in The New Phytologist Vol. 63, No. 1 (Mar., 1964), 91-95 – DOI: 10.1111/j.1469-8137.1964.tb07362.x –



The epidermal structure of the leaf and stem of Ephedra foliata Boiss. is described. The epidermis of internodes and leaves shows longitudinal rows of cells and stomata. In the nodes and the leaf bases the stomata are irregularly orientated. The subsidiary cells are perigene and the development of stomata is typically haplocheilic.



Various descriptions of the ontogeny of stomata in the living gymnosperms are available. These include accounts of the haplocheilic development of stomata in certain conifers by Florin (1931), in Gnetum gnemon and G. ula by Maheshwari and Vasil (1961), and in three species of Cycas and Ginkgo biloba by Pant and Mehra (1964).

Syndetocheilic development of stomata has been reported in Gnetum gnemon and Welwitschia mirabilis by Takeda (1913a, b, respectively). A genus of modern gymnosperms whose stomatal ontogeny remains uninvestigated is Ephedra.

Accordingly, in the present paper the authors have described the development of stomata in the common Indian species, E. foliata. The material was collected from a plant cultivated in the Botanical Garden of the Allahabad University.

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