Stomata in some Pandanales and Spathiflorae

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Sparganium ramosum

Structure of leaves and stomatal ontogeny in some Pandanales and Spathiflorae.

by Pant D. D., Kidwai P. F. (1966)

in Senckenbergiana biologica 47: 309–333. –

Spathiphyllum –


Interesting structural details of leaves including epidermal characters of Pandanus fascicularis Lamarck, Sparganium ramosum Hudson, Typha angustata Chaubard et Bory, 17 aroids belonging to 16 genera, Pistia stratiotes L., Lemna minor L., Spirodela polyrrhiza Schleiden, and Wolfia microscopia Kurz are described.

Four kinds of typical stomata are recognized in the above plants besides atypical and abnormal ones.

The ontogeny of the above stomatal types has been worked out in 13 spp. and all are perigenous.

The development of raphides and secretory canals has also been followed in some plants. The distribution of raphides and crystals in the leaves of the investigated species suggests a mechanical function, because it is similar to that of foliar sclereids.

The taxonomic value of epidermal and other structural features is discussed.

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